After years of frequent traveling for both work and leisure, our founders have experienced their fair share of travel inconveniences and looking great at the same time.
So, they sat down together and brain-stormed their way to a travel jacket which had 18 features and at the same time is the personification of high-end leather fashion that solved the problems of stylish fashion conscious modern-day travelers experience today.
In the summer of 2018, they launched the company from a single idea of a luxury, fashionable, leather travel jacket and now the company is growing swiftly and we are continuing to improve our collection in addition to working
on new We’re on a quest to make the best leather jackets in the world. Born in NewYork and handcrafted in artisan mills, Ranchers leather products are timeless, irreplaceably stylish pieces that fit like a second skin– for a lifetime.
So naturally, we call it leather to love forever. We make jackets for people like us: legendary individuals who value quality and integrity without compromise. Because you see, we don’t settle. Life’s too short for mediocrity. You see, we’re not the type to settle. We make leather jackets. But that’s not all. Simply put, we redesign the established. And we do it better. We are purposeful masters of leather and metal art, blending premium quality and craftsmanship with top-tier service…delivered with a dash of rock and roll.


There’s too much mediocrity. We never want to settle. We want to do it better. To leave behind a legacy.


Premium quality and craftsmanship with excellent service… Delivered with a dash of rock and roll.